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Furnishing with dental

Dental equipment marketing involves a lot of surgeries, which by default tend to be white and bland for hygiene’s sake. We’ve been briefed to do something different for our client and our idea is this — to focus not necessarily on the experience solely within the dental practice felt by the dentists and their patients, but on the lifestyle beyond it too. The dentist who enjoys his/her work; feels no physical grief because of the ergonomic strengths and design efficiency of our equipment; can work without the mental burdens of fatigue, money or quality of life. This we believe is the true meaning of The Beauty of Dentistry.

Peace of mind. Our aim is to realise this imagery – of course including the products we are selling – but also while considering the space at large. It is thanks to our products’ excellent reliability and seamless working that allows the dentist to think about other things, to not let the equipment cause any worry, to dream and ponder beyond work.

So. We’ve bought some empty rooms, from stock libraries, and we are going to ‘furnish’ them. At shoot, we will recreate the basic elements of our room (match the angles, lighting, camera position et cetera) before populating our blank canvas one by one, starting with the dental unit followed by various furniture and accessories.

A tad daunting, sure, but could be very cool.